Current Projects

Access Grid

There are currently four departments with Access Grid nodes at the University of Florida:

For more information see:

Campus NDT Server

Rich Carlson (ANL) has written a wonderful web100-based network diagnostic tester (NDT).

We've recently deployed a UF-based NDT server, which is available at

Use it to test the speed of your broadband or UF Internet connection, or check for a duplex mismatch -- it even identifies faulty NICs and network cables.

Dancing Beyond Boundaries

Earlier this year, I searched out potential groups on campus that I thought might be interested in participating in SC2001.
Along the way, I met James Oliverio, who produced a distributed dance performance called Dancing Beyond Boundaries.

Several news sources picked up the story:


Information on IPv6 at the University of Florida.

UF recently hosted an Internet2 IPv6 Workshop (which I helped coordinate) in April of 2002.

Network Monitoring at UF

I am in charge of distributing rackmount Linux boxes around UF's core network in order to record various
network statistics. We currently record ping and nttcp stats at regular intervals, but would like to see iperf
stats in the near future. See the qlog page for more info.

Other interesting links:

Network Services Interoperability Lab

For more information, please see our lab page. A list of recent publications may be found here.

We were invited to join Network World's Test Alliance in June of 2002.

SC Global

In November 2001, I was the network monitoring coordinator for SC Global.

SC Global is back for 2003, and I am participating as an at-large committee member concentrating on network-related issues.


Student Volunteer, Supercomputing '98 (Orlando, FL)
Student Volunteer, Supercomputing '99 (Portland, OR)
Member, SC2000 Information Architecture Committee (Dallas, TX)
Member, SC2001 Networking Committee (Denver, CO)
Member, SC2002 Networking Committee (Baltimore, MD)
Member, SC2003 Networking Committee (Phoenix, AZ)

For more information, please see: I chaired the High-Performance Bandwidth Challenge at SC2002.


Yabbs stands for "yet another bulletin board system", written by Alex Wetmore.
I ported a copy of the client to NeXTStep. Visit Phred for more information.

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