Greg's PGP Keys

D8A90B5A  Gregory J. Goddard  <ggoddard AT>  (preferred) 
Fingerprint = 69FD 4A6C 36D1 47F0 20C2 F9D9 E4C0 3AEE D8A9 0B5A 

17B24801  Gregory J. Goddard  <gregg AT> 
                              <ggoddard AT>
Fingerprint = FB7B 937E 27CA CEEF 4B40 E988 712C 5E51 17B2 4801 

1DC275CD  Greg Goddard        <fjord AT>
Fingerprint = F7DB 4E93 7C0A D908 A018 596B 1739 7B9D 

I am currently using the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) with the WinPT front-end and the Enigmail extension for Mozilla Thunderbird.

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